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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How do I distribute capital losses in a Trust as a net loss to beneficiaries?

Capital losses may never be attributed to a beneficiary. Both para 80(1) (vesting of asset in resident beneficiary) and para 80(2) (vesting of capital gain in resident beneficiary)

FAQ: I can’t open easyfile data. How do I install a correct version of Java?

On running the online update, some Users have reported the following errors: 1. Failing to login in successfully as the system hangs 2.On restoring a backup, the below error #3214 is experienced

FAQ: Why am I being routed to the old SARS eFiling site?

Users identified to have multiple eFiling usernames associated their ID numbers, are routed to the old eFiling site to ensure they are able to transact without delays.

FAQ: I pay contributions to a medical scheme but the medical tax certificate is not in my name and I have been selected for audit. Which supporting documents must I submit?

You need to submit an affidavit stating that the main member is a dependant as defined (that is, either your spouse; a child (or spouse’s child); any family member in respect of whom you are liable for family care and support).

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